Story Park


Story Park

Story Park is a secure online community for our educators to communicate with parents about their children. Each child has a private profile. Educators send an invitation to parents, who sign up for free, and can then access their child’s profile.
It’s an interactive space, where parents can contribute, and see what their children are up to while at the centre. They can see where their child’s learning is coming from, and what it means for the child to be participating in our centre. It also helps to bridge the communication gap between busy parents and staff.

Story Park gives parents an insight into how their child is developing. It allows a greater level of interaction and communication between parents and staff. Parents are also able to provide up-to-date information to staff about a child’s current interests and dislikes.

For children with additional needs, Story Park can make a tremendous difference. Parents are able to easily update staff about their child’s requirements.

We take photos during the day and write about daily activities. Parents feel included in their children’s learning, as they receive notifications about their child’s activities.

You can visit the story park website on the following link for more information

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