Our Philosophy

Our Vision

To provide high quality care that promotes learning, development and positive self-concept in a secure and supportive environment that is responsive to children, staff, families and community needs.

Our aims – the children

  • To encourage and appreciate play as a child’s way of learning.
  • To ensure that all aspects of a child’s development needs are programmed for and periodically assessed.
  • To encourage development of initiative and self-reliance in an atmosphere of trust and structured freedom.
  • To support children to build and maintain relationships with their peers and others.
  • To respect that children learn most effectively when they feel positive about themselves.
  • To provide a rich learning environment (one deliberately designed with much to explore and discover) which assists in helping young children learn basic skills.
  • To aim to ensure concrete and sensory materials are a vital part of this environment.
  • To provide age appropriate experiences.
  • To appreciate and respect that children are naturally curious and eager to learn and they learn best when they are able to follow many of their own interests and desires to learn.
  • To ensure that as individuals, no child is discriminated against, with all staff respecting the values, attitudes and cultural beliefs of all families in the best interests of their children.
  • To ensure through our programs all children are treated individually, regardless of age, gender, race, religion, language and ability

Our aims – the families

  • To involve parents in decision making about centre policy development, staffing and general centre management.
  • We will ensure the centre is a welcoming and trusting environment for families.
  • To invite families to participate in children’s daily programs and have input into the experiences offered to children.
  • To respect and be aware of the cultures and needs of families and be sensitive to their differing beliefs.
  • To form a link with other families and early childhood professionals and services.
  • To provide information to families about the centre and their child’s day through newsletters, memos, resources, programs, suggestion books/boxes, what we did today sheets and more.
  • To build a supportive partnerships with each family.

Our aims – the community

  • To be advocates on behalf of young children and develop an understanding of the importance of Early Childhood in all people’s lives.
  • To promote community awareness and understanding of quality children’s services.
  • To invite members of the community into our centre for educational experiences. This includes dental nurses, community health nurses, police, fire and ambulance officers.
  • To liaise with surrounding schools, TAFE’s and Universities.

Our aims – the educators

  • We believe quality educators is paramount to a quality early childhood program.
  • We promote the need to work as a team to create an environment of skill and knowledge in early childhood.
  • To create a working environment that is fun and flexible and of high quality service.
  • To provide secure, supported employment through sound industrial rights, conditions and personal practices.
  • To promote ongoing training and professional enrichment to all team members. Ensure career advancement is mentored and planned for through succession planning.