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A Brief History of Kids Early Learning Centres


Yunus Aboo Omar created the very first Kids Early Learning Centre in 2008 in Bundaberg.

After months of continuous positive feedback from his Bundaberg staff, parents and the children themselves, Yunus quickly decided it was time to take the plunge and commit to opening another centre.

His second Kids Early Learning Centre in Albany Creek opened not long after the Bundaberg centre.

With two centres in full-swing, four others soon followed.

Now, Yunus operates six successful centres that care for over 700 Australian children in Queensland and Victoria every single day – and two more are now on their way.

Kids on Millers Centre will open in July 2017, and the Griffin Kids Early Learning Centre will open in 2018.

The Griffin Kids Early Learning Centre and Kids on Millers Centre are a special project of Yunus’, as it will be built complete with swimming pools to teach children how to swim on-site – an area of education that has always been very important to Yunus.

Staff at Kids Early Learning Centres


When it comes to choosing staff, Yunus Aboo Omar prides himself on selecting professional, qualified educators that adore children.

Yunus is proud to say that many of his staff have worked at their respective Kids Early Learning Centres since the centres were founded.

As a parent, Yunus Aboo Omar understands the need for his staff to balance their work and family lives. Child carers – many of whom have families of their own – have the most important customers in the world! That’s why it’s crucial that all of the Kids Early Learning Centre staff are able to strike a happy balance between their time at their centre and time at home.

The happiness of children cannot be separated from the happiness of their carers!

And the happiness of the Kids Early Learning Centre staff is evident in the extremely low staff turnovers all of the centres have. Unlike many child care centres, Kids Early Learning Centres are able to keep their staff long-term.

With an owner, directors and ground staff who are passionate leaders in the child care field, the future of Kids Early Learning Centres is bright!

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