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Bellarine Kids Early Learning Centre – Geelong child care

We are a 144 place centre and offer long day care to children from 6 weeks to 6 years of age. We also have a funded kindergarten program with Degree Qualified Teachers which is offered 5 days a week at our centre. Our Educators follow the National Quality Framework which is based on children’s interests and a play based learning.

We strive for a positive and nurturing environment at our service, providing the highest quality of care to the children.

We love to involve our parents in our weekly curriculum. We welcome our families into our service and the opportunity to be involved within the program, we have some parents who come into the service to teach the children dancing, cooking and helping within the rooms.

At Bellarine Kids Early Learning Centre we also offer Outside School Hours Care (OSHC) and Vacation Care Programs, to all children aged 5-12 years of age.

The OSHC program is designed and implemented by qualified, experienced and dedicated educators from Bellarine Kids Early Learning Centre and staff ratios ensure that the needs of all children in the program are met. We follow the National Quality Standard guidelines as well as the National Framework: My Place Our Time – framework for school age care in Australia. Our Program allows the group to have a sense of identity, encourages life skills and develops skills in communication whilst also focusing on individual interests and well being. We focus on each child’s strengths building on skills and knowledge they have to offer the program whilst collaborating with parents and school to ensure maximum learning through play.

In addition to the opportunity for children to relax and have fun through the program, provision is also made, and support offered, for the completion of homework and care arrangements can be made around extracurricular and after school activities.

Sibling interaction and support of friendships is valued in the program. The needs of children of all ages are taken in to consideration in the planning of the flexible OSHC program.

Our Center Director Cathryn Williams

I began my journey into early childhood over 20 years ago and my passion for supporting children and families has grown, I have worked in a variety of settings such as private, corporate and children’s committee’s. My desire for the industry has continued to grow and evolve, I have been a centre director of two other centre and my last position was a training co-ordinator for a private RTO and I also trained early childhood students.

I believe that education is the key to choices in life and with this in mind I enrolled to do my Bachelor of Early Childhood Education in 2015, I have about 18 months to go to have this completed. My studies have supported my practices in the field and given me a real depth of knowledge for mentoring and guiding my team of educators in their practices.

I believe in working in collaboration with the families to support their children’s learning and development, my door is always open for a coffee and a chat and I always aim to advocate and support the families and children as needed. I believe that every child is an individual and their learning should be viewed this way, our programs are designed with this in mind so the outcomes are positive for children.


My name is Emily and I am passionate about early childhood and working with families to support their children. I have an Diploma in Children’s Services and I have worked in many roles here over the past 9 years. My own four children attend the centre and have always enjoyed their time here.

I am proud to work with a team of passionate Early Childhood Professionals who are dedicated to providing high quality care and who work together to support each other and families.

I enjoy walking into our centre each morning and greeting all the families and children.

I personally have enjoyed – and continue to enjoy – the great relationships I have with families, children and educators at Bellarine Kids Early Learning Centre. Being an engaging centre allows us more opportunities to communicate and share experiences on a personal level. This is why I feel at home at Bellarine Kids ELC and I hope you will too.

I would look forward to meeting you and your children! Pop in and say hello.

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